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Exodus | 48 x 36 Original Bible Story Art


The Bible Story of Exodus (Shemot) as a modern Jewish original abstract art painting by Sharon Feldstein.

This is the telling of the story of Exodus. A journey out of Egypt or Mitzrayim - the narrow place. Along the way the golden calf, the burning bush, and the tablets of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Hebrew word for Exodus - shin-mem-vav-tav are woven into the painting.

Contemporary Jewish Art Collections. Colorful abstract one of a kind paintings with Hebrew and Jewish symbols. Sharon transforms biblical art into abstract Jewish paintings that are both contemporary and traditional. 

Fine art prints and hand-embellished giclee canvases available soon. Please contact me for info.

Acrylic / mixed media on canvas.
48" x 36" x 1 1/2"