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The Artist | Sharon Feldstein

Sharon Feldstein

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Woven throughout many of my paintings are calligraphic marks symbolizing hand lettering and gestures, movements of words and emotions. Sometimes these marks are actual Hebrew or English lettering, sometimes they are marks giving the painting vibrancy and definition, weaving together organic shapes with threads of language that we as humans use to communicate. Language is something tangible that we can all understand. Regrettably, language is also something that can be used to distort history, depending on who is narrating the story.

“My abstract paintings are often centered around my experiences as a descendant of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, whose traditions are invariably woven into my family and social life. A painting that starts off as a generic abstract often transforms itself into an experiential-themed work during the painting process as my subconscious takes over and meaning, emotion, and memories become part of the painting.”

My paintings are reflective of my life and experiences, consisting of many layers, each one sometimes dramatically changing the direction of the artwork. Each layer is a stage of introspection and the final composition is a result of processing these experiences. Some works are abstract geometrics while others are narratives of past historical or life cycle events. Some are both.


Since 2006, Southern Heart Studio has been a local Atlanta presence, providing customers both locally and nationally with handcrafted items for their homes. From paintings and wall collages to lazy susans, frames to keepsake boxes, cutting boards to coasters, my inspirational and whimsical works have become collector’s items.