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Orange Swings Park No. 1

$250.00 $350.00

Original one-of-a-kind Painting

Paintings about my childhood growing up in NYC. There was a playground amidst all the red brick six-story apartment buildings where we spent all of our play time, as toddlers and adolescents. There were several wooden baby swings painted orange, and hence the park's name. Hopscotch, potsie, monkey bars, slides, much asphalt and metal. Lots of scrapes and scratches...and lots of happy memories.

Original painting. Multi-layered and textured background. Modern, urban minimal design. Edges are painted white and painting is ready to hang.

Acrylic on canvas.
24" x 24" x 1 1/2" deep

Deep canvas box is ready to hang. No frame necessary.

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