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Exodus | 48 x 36 Original Bible Story Art


The Bible Story of Exodus (Shemot) as a modern Jewish original abstract art painting by Sharon Feldstein.

This is the telling of the story of Exodus. A journey out of Egypt or Mitzrayim - the narrow place. Along the way the golden calf, the burning bush, and the tablets of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Hebrew word for Exodus - shin-mem-vav-tav are woven into the painting.

Contemporary Jewish Art Collections. Colorful abstract one of a kind paintings with Hebrew and Jewish symbols. Sharon transforms biblical art into abstract Jewish paintings that are both contemporary and traditional. 

*Note: Use Live Preview on your mobile phone or tablet to view this painting on your own wall. Just select the camera icon and hold up to your wall.

Fine art prints and hand-embellished giclee canvases available soon. Please contact me for info.

Acrylic / mixed media on canvas.
48" x 36" x 1 1/2"