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Chai Life

Contemporary Judaica for the modern Jewish home. "613" signifies the number of commandments in the Torah. Another significant number is 18/Chai, and all the variants from that: 36, 180, 360, etc. Inside the "white area" is Peace, Love, Happiness in both Hebrew and English. The ladder with eight rungs symbolizes the Eight Levels of Tzedakah (charitable giving; more so a moral obligation); and a shofar, inspiring us to pray for the perfection of the world.

Acrylic paint, gesso, ink, charcoal on canvas.

40"h x 30"w and 1 1/2" deep; sides painted gold and ready to hang. No need for framing.

NOTE: If you purchase an in-stock painting, you have 7 days to review your purchase. If a return is necessary, the painting MUST be returned in the original box with original packing material. Upon receipt and inspection in the Studio, if received back in original condition, will refund the amount paid for the painting. You will be responsible for all shipping charges.