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Hopeful | 60 x 48 Remember the M.S. St. Louis


Part of my Jewish Holocaust Art Collection. This is the telling of the M.S. St. Louis story. In 1939, the ship left Germany with 901 asylum seeking Jewish refugees from the war. This ship was turned away and not allowed to dock in the U.S., Cuba, or Canada. These 901 souls were returned to Nazi Germany, many to death in the concentration camps.

In the painting is the quote from the Emma Lazarus poem installed at the Statue of Liberty; the sun represents the summer month of August; the ship; 3 people each with their hands on their hips doing nothing for the refugees, each with a flag representing the U.S., Cuba and Canada; and Jewish refugees wearing the dreadful yellow Star with their arms out, asking to come ashore.

The story needs to be told and told again, as history repeats itself.

Acrylic / mixed media on canvas.
48" x 60" x 1 1/2"

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