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Does Life Feel Like a Clusterf**k Right Now?

Posted on June 04 2020

Does Life Feel Like a Clusterf**k Right Now?

There are two things in life that cause me much discomfort.
One is chaos
The other is feeling manipulated. 

Okay folks, so life as we know it has been upended, RIGHT? Chaos in our heads, in our homes, in our cities. Manipulation in our politics, our news, our healthcare institutions.

Physically, my own life has been status quo. Days painting in the studio, marketing, writing, putting together new collections and readying traveling displays to take my 2020 Pop-Up Show on the road.

Emotionally, sure all this turmoil affects my art. Everyday I'm motivated to paint my feelings about fake news, social injustice, political cover ups, history- and climate-"deniers". My art tells stories that you are free to interpret for yourselves. 

So, I attempt to corral chaos into a neat and organized single "package." When I began my art career, I wasn't a painter but a graphic designer, gathering all the loose pieces of entrepreneurs' hopes, dreams, marketing strategies, emotions, and everything else that goes into launching a small business and designing a logo that tells the whole story.

My toolbox has changed, but I still use the same elements — lettering, swishes, colors, and layers — to tell a story. 

And the conclusion to this story? Discomfort is not a bad thing. If confronted and identified, it can be the perfect motivation for creativity. So when the world feels like a giant clusterf**k, I face it head on and smooth things out a bit. By painting.